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October 11, 2012 / santotaku

Deck Profile / Deck Response – Oracle Think Tank, CEO + CoCo

By: Santotaku


Last week, I posted a deck profile on YouTube, as well as shared a slightly modified version on, of my Soul-less Oracle Think Tank build. While the general response was positive, some of the comments I received involved a total overhaul of the deck, in favor of getting the most bang for your OTT buck so to speak.

“When you play soulless, you limit the potential of the deck, and you don’t play to the strengths”

This was his build:


By: Argentdawn222

Grade 3 [7]

4 Scarlet Witch, CoCo

3 CEO Amaterasu

Grade 2 [12]

3 Oracle Guardian, Wiseman

2 Hi-Speed Brakki

4 Battle Sister, Mocha

3 Silent Tom

Grade 1 [14]

4 Oracle Guardian, Gemini

4 Battle Sister, Chocolat

2 Battle Sister, Cocoa

2 Weather Girl, Milk

2 Petal Fairy

Grade 0 [17]

1 Little Witch, Lulu

4 Choice Draw Trigger

4 Oracle Guardian Nike

4 Psychic Bird

4 Choice Heal Trigger

“This abuses the all of the aspects of OTT to gain pure advantage and have a lot of fun.”


So basically, what this build attempts to accomplish is use all aspects of the Oracle Think Tank clan—by using Scarlet Witch CoCo and Little Witch LuLu, you can empty your soul to draw three cards in one turn—furthermore, after you ride Scarlet Witch CoCo, you may ride her one more time with an additional two counterblast in order to draw two more cards. After you ride to CoCo twice, however, you lose her continuous effect that gives her a 3k power bonus when her soul is empty. What this build attempts to do is compensate by then riding into CEO Amaterasu, allowing you to use her ability to peek at the top card of your deck every turn and reach triggers more quickly.

The Deck

Argentdawn made some choices I personally wouldn’t make, but the deck and theory are both very sound. As a personal preference when I built the deck, I removed both Brakki’s for an Oracle Guardian, Wiseman, and Silent Tom. This choice is largely because of problems I was experiencing with riding and Brakki—due to LuLu’s effect, you MUST soul blast two Oracle Think Tank cards from the soul to move her to a rearguard circle and draw a card, Brakki can occasionally screw up the timing.

Admittedly, it is still possible to avoid that problem by soul charging a Psychic Bird, you will still be able to reach the 1 card in soul requirement for Scarlet Witch CoCo, and life will go on, but it was annoying me enough I had to remove it.

In the grade one line up, I removed the two Battle Sister, Cocoa’s (and one Battle Sister Mocha from the Grade 2 line up) in favor of three Circle Magus. While Circle’s effect is slightly weaker than Cocoa’s, Silent Tom is a VITAL part of an Oracle Think Tank offense, and it’s just not okay to not consistently push him to 15k+. I don’t believe 4 Oracle Guardian, Gemini’s are enough to provide sufficient boosting for Tom, so this is the best way.

So after some testing, I brought my personally modified version of the deck to the weekly tournament and it did not perform to my expectations.


Our tournament is relatively small (generally between 10-15 people) as a result we play four rounds of Swiss format, best of three matches. I faced some tough opponents and ended up winning against a Spectral Duke Gold Paladin deck and a Blade Wing Reji Dark Irregulars deck, but losing to a Circular Saw Angel Feather and Guardian of Truth Lox Great Nature deck. I don’t feel that any of my match ups were particularly tough for Oracles, and only my match against the Great Nature deck involved me missing a ride (in both games!) Here is what I observed


Like the Soul-less build, the deck has a high draw potential

The deck has little problem creating appropriate columns

CEO Amaterasu is a great game ender


Riding CEO Amaterasu first SUCKS

Petal Fairy has to hit, made me miss Emerald Witch LaLa

Decked out due to soul charge

Let’s talk about the main difference between the two decks.

Grade 3 / Twin Drive!! / 10,000

[CONT](VC): During your turn, if the number of cards in your hand is four or greater, this unit gets [Power] +4000.

[AUTO](VC): At the beginning of your main phase, [Soul-Charge 1], look at the top card of your deck, and put that card on the top or the bottom of your deck.

[AUTO](VC/RC): [Soul-Blast 8 & Counter-Blast 5] When this unit’s attack hits, you may pay the cost. If you do, draw up to five cards.

CEO Amaterasu is the bread and butter of Oracle Think Tank, it’s one of my favorite cards in the clan and one of the cards that drew me to playing Oracles in the first place. It’s the only reason that I ever won with Oracle Think Tank before BT03 came out (in combination with Silent Tom.) The problem?

I rarely won with Oracles before BT03 came out.

This isn’t Amaterasu’s fault by any stretch of the imagination, but the truth is she’s not exactly earth shattering on her own. Yes, she’s an easy 20k or 21k column, and yes she allows you to stack your deck in the search for triggers. She combos with Psychic bird and allows you to draw important cards from your deck, these are all great features, but the problem is she randomly soul charges. Every turn. It’s not an optional effect, there’s no way to prevent it, no matter what, she will soul charge. The worst feeling in the world is soul charging a heal trigger right before you check the top of your deck to find a grade 3, followed by driving two lack luster grade 2 units.

This effect is particularly bad in this deck—while it’s awesome to start checking and stacking triggers after you ride CoCo twice and gain your plus five in two turns, what happens if you have to ride CEO first? Yes, it will happen—you will ride CEO, you will soul-blast two and draw a card while moving Little Witch LuLu—then you will soul charge. From then on, every single Scarlet Witch CoCo in your deck is a dead card, and you’re playing like its BT02 all over again. Even if you get a Hi-Speed Brakki to try and remove the extra soul you gained from the soul charge, you need to get your Scarlet Witch CoCo before your next turn’s ride phase, then you’re back in the business of looking for ANOTHER Amaterasu so that you’re not stuck with a vanilla 10k vanguard.

Overall, I feel that the CEO + CoCo variant has its merits, and it was pretty fun to play when it worked, but for my personal style I don’t like the idea of combo-ing 3 cards over the course of three or more turns in order to avoid having an inefficient vanguard.

That being said, I have gone ahead and updated my Soul-less CoCo deck, and you can look forward to seeing a second deck profile posted soon.



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  1. Anonymous / Nov 11 2012 10:01 pm

    eyy, sorry for getting back to u sooooo late about it!
    this is argentdawn222

    i see what your saying about brakki, it sucks to ride him, and after awhile i just liked him for the sake of 14k, but silent tom could pose a much more serious threat
    i ran 3 toms, because i only had 3 toms and it would work just fine, but 4 sometimes can go over the time, which isnt necessarily a bad thing
    i still dont mind cocoa at 2 even if he restricts my toms from reaching 15 when they are in the same colemn.
    yehyeh, the coco+ceo thing doesnt always work out for the better, and after playing with it alot if i got it off it won, but if i ever got a hitch in the rides it was very difficult to recover.
    but i saw that the only way to make coco better than tsukuyomi was to make it more aggressive, and sadly with just coco sitting on vanguard it got boring, and they could survive every turn.

    thanks for taking so much time with the post and all
    happy fighting


    • santotaku / Nov 12 2012 10:36 pm

      Hey Argent, great to hear from you! It’s funny you commented because I was revisting the CEO + CoCo Build recently and I have a build that really works pretty well, and it’s by using Luck Bird– it fixes the soul problem that CEO creates, and it also makes it so that when CEO is vanguard you can still do SOMETHING other than sit around if you ride her first. Just something you may wanna test out yourself!

      • bryanbogz / Nov 19 2012 4:51 am

        was planning to try out the CoCo + Ceo build myself, just wanna ask, if you’re worried about having to ride CEO why not just put her at 2 then 2 other g3 like (souffle) since she can get to 20k with gemini backing her up.

        Also since I think Circle Magus does well instead of petal fairy here since with either CoCo or CE she breaches the 20k mark or if behind a rear guard she still makes them attack for 17 – 19k.

        Lastly, how bout adding maiden of Libra?

        • Anonymous / Feb 24 2013 4:15 am

          What about adding sakuya? I mean by adding her we can get +1 for lulu and add an 10k guard to the hand and, also make an easy 3 stage column by having a thick hand

  2. santotaku / Nov 21 2012 1:59 pm

    Bryanbogz, you have in those two paragraphs gone through every step of modifications I did over the course of a week or so in modifying and testing the deck. My current build does use 4 Coco, 2 Ceo and 2 Souffle, one thing that has played HUGE for me was adding 3 copies of Luck Bird into the deck over Brakki or Truth Gazer. Luck Bird basically makes it so a bad ride into Ameratsu doesn’t mean the end of CoCo, you can start blasting soul two at a time as well as using Ameratsu’s effect more efficiently by drawing a good check.

    As far as Libra, she’s worth a shot, especially if you’re like me and use Stand instead of draw. I prefer apollon over her though, as Silent Tom, Wiseman, and Mocha make a great G2 line up as is.

  3. Anonymous / Sep 10 2013 2:34 pm

    guys im not too new to vanguard and im working on an oracle deck thx for the tips ill like to try it out soon

  4. Nick rolo / Sep 19 2013 10:00 pm

    Rate my deck?

    Grade 0:

    1 little witch lulu
    4 lozenge magus
    4 oracle guardian Nike
    4 battle sister ginger
    4 psychic bird

    Grade 1:

    2 battle sister omelette
    4 emerald witch lala
    4 battle sister chocolat
    2 dark cat
    3 oracle guardian gemini

    Grade 2:

    2 silent Tom
    1 maiden of libra
    2 oracle guardian wiseman
    3 battle sister glacé
    2 rock witch gaga

    Grade 3:

    3 scarlet witch coco
    3 battle sister soufflé
    2 sky witch nana


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